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16th HR Metrics and Analytics Summit

The survey results above highlight the modern HR conundrum: analytical capabilities are considered essential, but most companies rate their proficiencies as limited at best, or as merely in development. As an HR professional, chances are you’re confronted by this challenge every day and IQPC’s 16th HR Metrics & Analytics Summit on September 19, 2016 is where you will learn how to close that gap, and even get ahead of the curve. Bringing together best-in-breed practitioners to introduce the principles of Design Thinking, we will look at the scope, data requirements, internal consumers, and time restraints of this approach to building a robust, and absolutely essential, analytics program.

Our February 2015 conference had record attendance, with over 100 practitioners leading in-depth discussions aimed at getting you to the next level in your analytics programs.

Our lineup of esteemed thought leaders will highlight the numerous touch-points where HR can directly influence business initiatives so that HR professionals can seize these opportunities to grow their internal cache: you are uniquely positioned to bring value to your organization as never before. LEARN HOW TO POSITION YOUR METRICS AND ANALYTICS TO DRIVE CORE BUSINESS DECISIONS.

HR Industry Leaders

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Key Benefits of Attending


Mitigating Risk: understand the data governance and privacy issues associated with the collection and deployment of large-scale data models—be both analytical and compliant


Data Discipline: learn how to be more scientific and bring rigor to your data collection processes—what are the proper methodologies for inputting, checking, approving, auditing, and visualizing data?


Career Development: grow your skills beyond just hacking data science and truly become a Data Architect of your analytics program


Grow Your Internal Cache: guide the leadership team towards the right questions to ask, ones that your HR tools can realistically answer


Become a HR Superstar: learn the best strategies for successfully rolling out enterprise-wide HR metrics programs with limited resource

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