February 27 - March 01, 2019
Florida Hotel & Conference Center, FL

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21st HR Metrics & Analytics

Unleash the power of your people at the 21st HR Metrics and Analytics conference in Orlando, FL from February 25-27, 2019. With executive level speakers from Elsevier, NASA, Cornell University, and more, you are guaranteed to leave with an enormous amount of information to br ...

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The HR Metrics & Analytics Summit is where CEOs and HR Directors meet to share best practices and solutions to common challenges. Take a glance at the caliber of attendees who attended the last Summit, many of whom you’ll meet on the show floor this time around.Want a copy emailed...

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Present your boss with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend the upcoming HR Metrics & Analytics Summit.  If you would like to receive a copy via email, email tiffany.ramirez@iqpc.com

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ROI Toolkit

In this ROI Toolkit you will find everything you need to streamline your registration for the 21st HR Metrics & Analytics Summit, running February 27- March 1 at the Florida Hotel & Conference Center in Orlando, FL. This event will be co-located with our EXImpact Summit. For more information email...

Past Presentations

The Path To People Analytics

Curious what previous speakers presented on at the HR Metrics & Analytics Summit? We've got you covered! Take a look at this past presentation e-book to see speakers from AT&T, Silicon Valley Bank, and Culture Amp had to say about people analytics. Learn more about this topic at the 21st...

Metrics & Analytics on a Macro Level

Curious to know how Nike, Bloomberg LP, and other large companies implement Metrics & Analytics in their HR departments? We have presentations from the February 2018 iteration of the HR Metrics & Analytics Summit for you to peruse. Check out this and more, and join us at the 21st iteration...

People Analytics Starter Kit

Looking to begin the process of people analytics in your organization? Take a look at past presentations from the 20th HR Metrics & Analytics event, which ran in September 2018, to see how Silicon Valley Bank, Nestle USA, Gene Pease, and Western Digital did it.Join us this February 27- March...

Next-Level People Analytics: Beyond the Basics

So you know a thing or two about People Analytics, but now you want to go further. Well you came to the right place! Check out presentations from the 20th HR Metrics & Analytics Summit to go above and beyond the basics. See presentations from Ericsson, WeWork, and Sony!Join us...


Why Data Science is HR's Hottest Career

In recent years data science has gained serious traction in not only the technology world but also within HR. But what exactly does a data scientist do and how can the role be an asset to HR's function? We explored the ins and outs of the career and its implications...

How Fortune 500s Push HR Analytics Boundaries

Nielsen, Salesforce, HP, Adidas, and Cisco are among some of the top Fortune 500 companies that have used people analytics to improve their HR departments. Learn about how they used HR analytics transform from within and how you can do the same. Join us at the 21st HR Metrics &...

Speak The Language Of Business

A world away from “personnel and paydays,” today’s CHRO is a conductor of People and Productivity. If anything, HR chiefs lose sleep over the same questions that vex the rest of the C-Suite. If you would like to receive a copy via email, email tiffany.ramirez@iqpc.com

Top 5 Reasons People Analytics Initiatives Fail

According to Bersin by Deloitte, 77% of execs say that people analytics are a priority, but only 29% think they’re successfully using outside data to predict workforce trends and target the right talent. To find out why, we spoke to 2017 conference Advisory Board member Kevin Moore, former Head of People...

Additional Content

Human Resources: Strategic, Predictive and Cost Effective

With the rise of HR digital capabilities, data analytics and strategic workforce planning, HR professionals may now showcase revenue generation and return on investment. Predictive Hiring, Strategic Workforce Planning, and overall analytics of the metrics being measured are the keys to HR successfully implementing change in any organization. Learn more...

People-Centric Analytics

Exploring how employees can benefit from data analysis is a tricky but integral part of implementing a metrics and analytics system into your organization. Training & development, engagement, and employability are all areas with the opportunity to improve once analytics are in place. The next variable to consider? Privacy.

Disruptive Trends Redefining Human Resources

This report explains how to merge social media with employee engagement, and offers detailed thought leadership on why companies have to embrace the concept. It provides step-by-step processes, and real-life, successful examples.  Readers will also gain insight from leaders in the HR community on leveraging such practices to build loyalty, not...

How to Hire & Retain the Right Talent in 2019

The HR Metrics & Analytics Summit surveyed 150+ HR leaders across a wide range of industries to gain an understanding of the current state of people analytics. Respondents were asked to benchmark their analytics maturity level, specify how they manage employee records and data to HR activities, and describe the...

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Take a look at our Attendee Profile Report for insight into what attendees for previous events prioritize regarding investments. If you prefer to receive a copy of this email Terence.Wu@iqpc.com