September 11 - 13, 2017
San Diego

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CenturyLink’s Top 3 People Analytics Communication Hacks

We spoke with industry expert, HR Analytics Senior Analyst at CenturyLink Emily Pelosi. Emily helps outline some very effective ways to present information that can inspire action and support change. In addition to this she goes on to discuss:

  • Some of the most common mistakes HR analytics leaders make when it comes to spearheading a new HR analytics initiative
  • The biggest challenges she faces when it comes to effectively aligning HR analytics with business performance
  • How she has gone about transforming the way business leaders view and use people analytics

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Top 5 Reasons People Analytics Initiatives Fail

According to Bersin by Deloitte, 77% of execs say that people analytics are a priority, but only 29% think they’re successfully using outside data to predict workforce trends & target the right talent. In an effort to uncover why this is, we spoke to Advisory Board Member, Kevin Moore, Head of People Analytics at Gannett about the Top 5 reasons people analytics initiatives fail and what you can do to avoid this in the future.

Improve Employee Engagement

Officevibe provides an overview of some of the ways that you can measure and improve employee engagement and outlines how doing so can benefit your company.

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Transform Knowledge To Results

As Vice President of Training & Development at UnitedHealth Group, Deborah Wiest makes it her priority to o build a learning culture, ensure that training was effective and new ways to measure behavior change.


Q&A: Metlife Recruiting Director

IQPC Exchange interviewed Jane Mehringer, Director of Recruiting for MetLife, about supercharging the recruiting workflow, the most effective systems for employee review analytics, the limitations of data, and more!

People Analytics Journey

Craig Ramsay is an organizational architect. For more than 20 years he has worked with executives to measure and improve business outcomes and in the meantime has become a trusted partner with a proven record of helping organizations create an employee engagement culture that has a sustainable impact on performance. In this interview he discusses the journey Symantec took in order to achieve Predictive People Analytics.

SPEAKER FEATURE: Why People Analytics Initiatives Fail

According to Bersin by Deloitte, 77% of execs say that people analytics are a priority, but only 29% think they’re successfully using outside data to predict workforce trends, and target the right talent to meet those needs. In an effort to uncover why this is and what HR leaders can do to better improve the ROI of HR analytics, we spoke to 18th HR Metrics & Analytics Summit speaker Daniel Trares, Senior Manager of People Business Intelligence at VMware, about Why People Analytics Initiatives Fail and What You Can Do About It.

Facebook’s People Planning & Analytics Practices: Interview with Ross Sparkman

As the Head of Strategic Workforce Planning at Facebook, Ross Sparkman knows the power that data can yield in an organization when used to drive insight and communicate effectively with leadership. Mr. Sparkman sat down with us to give us a bit of his acumen into the transformation of an organization’s human capital through data visualization and framework development.


Why CIO's Bridge Collaboration Gap

Just as new technologies have disrupted the enterprise and created the roles of Chief Technology and Chief Information Officer, the C-suite is poised for continued expansion this year with the emergence of the Chief Innovation Officer.

Talent Management Worth $11M

The success of every organization is based on the performance and quality of the employees. Therefore it is of extreme importance to identify, acquire, retain, motivate and manage the best talent.

Speak The Language Of Business

A world away from “personnel and paydays,” today’s CHRO is a conductor of People and Productivity. If anything, HR chiefs lose sleep over the same questions that vex the rest of the C-Suite.

Top Workplace Trends 2017

Forbes annually releases its predictions for the top workplace trends for the upcoming year, based on hundreds of conversations with HR executives and workers.


Build A More Agile Business

Ross Sparkman, Head of Strategic Workforce Planning at Facebook, presented on how to diagnose people-related issues to develop strategies that improve performance and drive increased effectiveness across the organization, how to engineer a framework for talent development and management across the organization, using data visualization to analyze, predict, prescribe, and report to C-suite executives and more!

Launch Operational Function in 12 Months

Vanessa Lammers, Director of Global People Analytics & Insights & Deep Litt, HR Manager–Projects at Nestle Waters, discusses how Nestle Waters North America, the leading bottled water supplier, achieved successful results within a year of setting up their People Analytics & Insights function.

CASE STUDY: Moving from the Why’s of Analytics to the When’s of Predictive

Three years ago, AMD challenged itself to execute on a comprehensive people analytics roadmap to support both HR and the business. Hear about key initiatives, and the structured approach to change management, they took to super-charge its HR within an aggressive implementation timeline. Learn more from this presentation by Arun Kochhar, Workforce Planning & People Analytics Lead at AMD.